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Beyond Concealed Carry
(Real World Skills For The Permit Holder)

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When you carry a firearm for self defense, there are specific skills you need to learn to help maximize your odds of surviving a violent encounter. This course was specifically designed to help get you comfortable carrying routinely, as well as be prepared to use your pistol effectively, should you be involved in a violent encounter. 

Unfortunately, most concealed carry training courses available do little to actually prepare you for a real world violent encounter.  This course dives into...or if you trained with us, expands on...the real world skills you need to master, such as drawing and firing from your holster, clearing malfunctions, sited shooting (precision) vs. point shooting (faster, close quarters), and developing the right mindset for survival.  

This course continually reinforces firearm safety. We will guide you through drills (both dry fire and live fire) which have been carefully chosen to help you layer on these critical skills. We will provided you with individualized coaching throughout the course. You will leave with a solid understanding of the use of your personal firearm and gear, as well as a personalized recommendation for training and practice to help you meet your defense goals.

This course will not only help you build critical skills, but it is an excellent foundational course for those that wish to pursue advanced pistol skill training.  This, or comparable, training is required to be completed prior to our Progressive Pistol Series courses.
At a Glance

Price:  $150
Class Size:   10 Students (2 Instructors)
Topics Include:  Mindset, Drawing and Firing from Your Holster, Malfunction Clearing, Sighted vs Point Shooting
Equipment Required:  Pistol, Holster, 2+ Magazines, 200rds
Prerequisites:  Concealed Carry Course or Basic Pistol Training
"Great Beyond Concealed Carry class today. Now I have both dry practice drills and live fire drills to work on. Emphasis is always on safety. Instructors are not intimidating. Great day at the range!
Mindy Dickerson, Facebook Review
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